Dog Show Olomouc

16/01/2010 09:38

On 8/1/2008 was the National Dog show in Olomouc, which participated Monthys brother Erwin Bencilla .By this we want congratulate him on the beautiful outcome of E1 with great result.


Czech Thai Ridgeback forum

16/01/2010 09:43

Finally we have new Czech Thai Ridgeback Forum . Great looks, quite clear and understandable. Also for English and German speaking people. We highly recommend


Bencilla - Thai ridgeback


CERRO DE PASCO - puppies

27/01/2010 23:25

Beautiful photo of puppies from kennel CERRO DE PASCO. Aren´t they cute?


Champion of Champions

02/02/2010 14:29

On saturday 30.1.2010 in Prague was held contest Champion of Champions
The contest was open for dogs with titles:

In The Czech Republic are several JCh and Ch.

Edmounth Bencilla (JCH)
Asarah Bencilla (CH)
Belicere Thai Ol-A-Mi (CH)
Baitha Khiri-Khan (JCH)
Brandy Thai Bellijess (CH)
Tan Ngern Of Noppakao (JCH)
Narong Phuket Of G. Farm (CH)
M. Thai Ridgeback Dog Call "Khwantar" (CH)
Asim Thai Turanka (CH)
Siam´s Trb. Punlan by DPP (CH)
Parn-Thong by DDP (JCH)
Elegance Thai Bellijess (CH)
Venice Vom Tor Zum Rheingau (CH)

 The competition participated with 2 TRs and it was Tan Ngern of Nappakao a Siam´s Trb. Punlan by DPP

Of course, we hold fingers to both of them to reach the highest possition even though it ultimately failed, so we are congratulating Tan Ngern who won BOB and advanced to 2nd round


Here are results - Results


Magazine Pes Přítel Člověka

03/02/2010 09:29

In February´s issue of the journal Pes Přítel Člověka there is second block breeding cards with eight breeds of dogs, and between them is Thai Ridgeback, its characteristics and standards. On The pictures are immortalized Tan Ngern of Nappakao and Brandy Thai Bellijess from kennel KHIRI-KHAN



DUOCACIB Brno 2010 - I.

06/02/2010 22:45

So 1st day of DUOCACIB is behind us and Thais were great today. Organisation of dog show was a bit weak today, because the Thais had to exhibit in a ring V44 but the Judge didn´t want adjudicate Thais so they were thrown into the ring G20, but this morning there was another complication. The new Judge also didn´t want adjudicate Thais so they had to wait again to who will take care of it. Finally, they exhibited at ring G24 and Judge was Mr. Ing. Jaromir Dostal, DrSc. 7 Thais exhibited today. For some it was the show starts, so they did not like it.


male junior class - Šulcová Eva (Erwin Bencilla) - Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior Winner
male intermediate class - Kocsis Tibor /HU/ (Gallop thai Bellijess) - Excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB
male open class - Bilovecká Hana (Tan Ngern of Noppakao) - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
                             - Groch Oldřich (Farawel Pho-Ngoen OL-A-MI Moravia) - 
Excellent 2, Res. CAC
female junior class - Zelený Tom (Franja von Heilingen) - not judged
                               - Chlusová Marija (Emiresky Greatest Hit) - Excellent 1
female intermediate class - Buriánková Jana (Crystal Tarani Thaikru) - Excellent 1


Congratulations to Monthys brother Erwín for excellent result. Keep it up :)
Further congratulations to Tan Ngern for great result too
and of course congratulations to all participants



06/02/2010 23:10

Tomorrow awaits Monthys 1st dog show for this year and at the same time he will celebrate the 15th months of his wild life and since tommorow he can participate in intermediate class. We'll see how he will succeed. He is just now in the molting period, so hopefully that Judge will be the lenient:))

Will be 7 Thais
again, although in a different composition.

Male junior class - Šulcová Eva (Erwin Bencilla)
- Sobotíková Iveta (Dimitry Thaikru)
Male intermediate class - Erik Vlcek (Edmounth Bencilla)
- Tibor Kocsis / HU / (Gallop thai Bellijess)
Male open class - Bilovecka Hana (Tan Ngern of Noppakao)
Female junior class - Chlusová Marija (Emiresky Greatest Hit)
Female intermediate class - Sobotíková Iveta (Grace Thai Bellijess)


Year of operation

07/02/2010 17:55

It is exactly 1 year today when Monthys page is running. For that 1 year this site design has changed significantly several times, added a lot of information, etc. We hope that next year will be not different


DUOCACIB Brno 2010 - II.

07/02/2010 21:05

So its behind us second day, sort of freezing. today came 11 Thais and exhibited only 7. Today it had Thais little better. Not so many dogs been before us, so were on line quite soon. Judge Mr Josef Nemec

Montík today participated his 1st exhibition in the intermediate class. Although his molting period, so we tried :). Result: 15-months dog, expressed less sexual expression, hair is currently at the stage of shedding, in other proportions is correct with standard.


male junior class - Šulcová Eva (Erwin Bencilla) - VG2
                    - Sobotíková Iveta (Dimitry Thaikru) - E1, CAJC, Nejlepší Mladý, BOB, BIG3
male intermediate class - Kocsis Tibor /HU/ (Gallop thai Bellijess) - V1, CAC, CACIB
                      - Vlček Erik (Edmounth Bencilla) -
male open class - Bilovecká Hana (Tan Ngern of Noppakao) - E1, CAC, Res. CACIB
female junior class - Chlusová Marija (Emiresky Greatest Hit) - E1, CAJC
female intermediate class - Sobotíková Iveta (Grace Thai Bellijess) - E1

Congratulations to all participants


Dog Shows 2010

09/02/2010 02:24

Added list of national, international and club DOG SHOWS 2010



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