The Thai Ridgeback Dog of Thailand, also known as the " Mah Thai Lang Ahn" is thought one of the oldest breeds of stock within the dog world and have been Thailand's domesticated dog for centuries. These Thai Ridgebacks were used for hunting (they are keen sight hounds) deer, tapirs and birds in dense jungle, as guardians for family homesteads and as companions for carts, the traditional mode of transportation in these areas.

Thai Ridgebacks were naturally bred and ran free around residential areas, farms, and temples. As a result of the isolation of the area, there was no chance of cross breeding with other breeds.  The strongest and fittest dogs survived,creating the very healthy dog we know today.
Breed Historians believe that Thai Ridgebacks have managed to retain their unique type for centuries.

The breed is very old and their true beginning is unknown to us, however many ancient items that mention and picture Thai Ridgeback Dogs have been found. These prove to us that this is truly an ancient breed that has remained true to its type. This is why they should be preserved and developed for the betterment of the breed in the future. It is important to continue to keep them true to their original type.
A cave in the Uthai-Tanee province named Tum-Pra-Toon, contains many drawings  The drawings show the daily life of the people of that time. There are dogs in some of these drawings, one of a dog was very clear. It looks just like the Thai Ridgeback Dog. A professor has proven that these drawings are over 3,000 years old.  In Korat, more caves can be found that also have many drawings of dogs resembling the drawings in the Tun-Pra-Toon cave.
 In the era of the King Ram Kham Hang Maharach of Sukhothai Kingdom in the year B.E. 1826, the King had his army fight against Indochina, now Vietnam. In order to expand the territory he used the help of his skillful warriors from around the kingdom. It is possible that these warriors found the strange-looking dogs and brought these dogs with them to Sukhothai Kingdom. Since being raised and bred as domestic dogs for some period of time, these dogs had been developed to be the Thai Ridgeback Dogs.

In the era of King Song Tham of Ayuthaya Kingdom in the year B.E. 2170,  there was information written about the Thai Ridgeback dogs in Sa-mhud-khoi (a long book made of pulp from trees of the family Uricaceae) the description is as follows; "these dogs are large." They are taller than 2 cubits. They come in various colors. They have a distinctive line along their straight back. They are fierce but loyal and faithful to their owners. They hunt smaller animals by digging holes into the ground. They love to follow their owners into the woods for hunting. When they catch their prey, they will bring it back to their owners. They are loyal to their families, and love their pack. They are courageous, strong and fearless.

A drawing of a Thai Ridgeback Dog can be found in a book that is approximately 350 years old.  Thai people say that the Thai Ridgeback Dog is Kon San meaning-Short-coat, Lung Ahn meaning-Ridgeback, Hoo Tang meaning- Erect ears, and Hang Dab meaning-Tail-up like a sword. These words describe the characteristics of the dog in the drawing shown in this very old book which  proves that the Thai Ridgeback has been in Thailand for at least 350 years.

The documents mentioned above indicate that the Thai Ridgeback Dogs are originally from Thailand. They are also known as the Royal Dog of Thailand and one of Thailand's many beautiful treasures.


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